“Rt. 34 West” Hotel Site Sold For $2.8M

A Maryland-based hotel chain that plans to build a 130-room upscale hotel on the “Route 34 West” superblock bought the parcel for $2.8 million, in the city’s latest property sales.

According to the city’s online land records database, on Nov. 20, CS MLK New Haven LLC, a holding company owned by the Rockville, Maryland-based Choice Hotels International, paid $2.8 million to RJY Route 34 Hotel LLC, a holding company owned by West Hartford’s Jason Rudnick and New Haven’s Yves-Georges Joseph II, for the 0.78 acre lot at 480 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.

That’s the parcel at the northeastern corner of the superblock bounded by MLK to the north and Dwight Street to the east at the corner of Dwight Street.

The property last sold for $1,370,287 in 2014, and was last appraised by the city as worth $707,140.

In October, Choice Hotel representatives won unanimous site plan approval from the City Plan Commission to build a six-story, 130-room hotel on the site. They said the hotel will be run by Cambria Hotels, a subsidiary of Choice.

The hotel is the latest planned development to come from a 2014 Land Disposition Agreement (LDA) that has already led to the construction of Continuum of Care, Rite Aid, and The Learning Experience.



The designs of various Cambria Hotels around the country.

The developers of a planned four-story, 763-space garage recently broke ground at 243 Legion Ave. immediately adjacent to the site of prospective new hotel. The hotel’s developers said in October that they have an agreement with the garage’s owner to use roughly 100 parking spaces.

“Progress here represents another reason to celebrate,” Mayor Toni Harp said at a press conference celebrating the new garage. “Follow-through on a commitment made years ago to knit this area back together, provide retail opportunities, a new hotel, and new parking capacity to handle it all.”

The superblock is part of a stretch of the Oak Street neighborhood that was razed during mid-century Urban Renewal to make way for a highway that never came to be.

A representative from Choice Hotel did not respond to a request for comment by the publication time of this article regarding when the hotel will be built and regarding what it will look like. Choice did not provide a design rendering to the City Plan Commission during their site plan application process.

Mandy Picks Up 3 Buildings
City Assessor's Database


98 Morris St.

In other recent property sales, holding companies associated with the large local landlord Mandy Management picked up three different houses containing a total of seven different apartments in Newhallville, Beaver Hills, and the Hill.

On Nov. 20, Real Estate Group XII LLC, a holding company owned by Mandy’s Menachem Gurevitch, bought the single-family house at 425 Huntington St. from Leeann McFadden for $95,000. The property last sold for $76,800 in 2005. The city last appraised the property as worth $128,800.

On Nov. 22, Real Estate Group XIII LLC, another Gurevitch-owned holding company, bought the four-family house at 478 Winthrop Ave. from Raymond Wu for $301,000. The property last sold for $290,000 in 2016, and the city last appraised it as worth $209,500.

And on Nov. 26, Real Estate Group XIII LLC bought the two-family house at 98 Morris St. from Gerald Grava for $90,000. The property last sold for $32,000 in 1990, and the city last appraised it as worth $30,500.

In Fair Haven, a three-family house saw its sales price jump by nearly $100,000 in just two years. On Nov. 22, 58 Vernon LLC, a holding company owned by Alexandra Daum, purchased the three-family house at 109 East Pearl St. from Douglas Talmadge for $289,000. That property last sold for $195,000 in 2017, and was last appraised by the city as worth $172,600.

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